Canine Wellness Facility

Our indoor hydrotherapy pool is specially designed to the benefits and safety of the dogs in mind. It is built above ground, measuring 6m by 3m in size, with depth of 1.1m. The pool is equipped with swim jets to provide more resistance swimming in order to make the muscles work harder, and hence increase muscle building.

The dogs will enter the pool via an external ramp that allows easy access to the pool entrance that leads to an internal ramp for gentle entry and exit into the water. The ramps are slip resistant and gently sloped. The outline of the pool is laid with 3M anti-slip to prevent any accidental slipping or falls. Our pool is equipped with heaters, with built-in thermostat that maintain a warm temperature efficiently with a range of 28-29 °C. Using mild chlorine, pool water is disinfected and cleared from bacteria and viruses. With UV sterilizer in place, the water is further sterilized and sanitized.

One unique feature of this pool is the underwater viewing window. It allows owners to have a clear view of their fur kids swimming underwater and watch their amazing underwater movements. Besides that, it also allows our therapist to better assess their paddling strength and gait movements in order to achieve a more accurate assessment and analysis during their hydrotherapy sessions.

Pool water is monitored everyday. There is a weekly maintenance of the pool by our pool specialist. We strive to keep our water safe and clean to our best ability.

  • Canine Wellness Facility
  • Canine Wellness Facility
  • Canine Wellness Facility
  • Canine Wellness Facility
  • Canine Wellness Facility

Pool Features

  • Heated water of temperature ranges from 28-29 °C
  • UV sterilizer
  • Swim jets
  • Underwater viewing window
  • Internal resting platform
  • Underwater lighting
  • Sand filtration system that cleans the water constantly
  • Surface mounted skimmer