Terms and Conditions

  1. Canine Wellness And Rehab Centre (“the Centre”) will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the water standards and equipment are well maintained. However, please note that all dogs that swim within the centre will be at their owner’s own risk.
  2. Individual sessions must be paid for at the time of treatment.
  3. All packages must be fully paid for in advance.
  4. All packages are valid for one year. Unless stated otherwise.
  5. For Package Holders: With every new booking made, a session will be automatically deducted from the system. Any cancellations must be notified beforehand within 24 hours. If there’s no show up or cancellation done 2 hours before your appointment, the system will maintain the auto deduction.
  6. All dogs must have their up-to-date vaccinations done and should bring along valid vaccination card.
  7. Dogs will not proceed with their session if they have fleas/ticks, sores, open wounds, infectious conditions like serious ear, eye, or skin infection or females who are in heat etc. Session will resume once all the mentioned conditions have cleared or treated.
  8. Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre must be notified immediately if the dog’s condition worsens during the treatment, or the veterinarian has advised in writing that the treatment be suspended or changed.
  9. Owners are advised NOT to feed their dogs 3hrs before the commencement of a hydrotherapy treatment or swim and 2hrs after their swim.
  10. Owners must encourage their dogs to pee and poop before they start their swim.
  11. An SMS reminder or reminder via a mode of communication, including but not limited to emails, smart applications will be sent a day before the session starts. Any cancellation of appointment must be notified within 24hr notice.
  12. Fun swim program is purely for the dog’s enjoyment and as a form of exercise. The dog’s swim will be supervised by the Centre’s staff or its owner. Life jackets, neck floats and toys will be provided; however any damage to the jackets, any other equipments, or Centre’s internal structure may be charged. Staff will not be expected to provide therapy or advice during fun swims. The Centre reserves the sole discretion to decide on the assignment of a therapist/staff to supervise the dog’s swim. One or two therapists may be assigned to handle two dogs or more.
  13. In the event where the pool water quality is not up to standard, affected clients will be notified immediately and all appointments will be rescheduled.
  14. Dogs must be leashed and controlled at all times when in the Centre.
  15. A copy of the dog owner or its agent’s identification will be required if the dog is left at the Centre without its owner or its agent’s presence.
  16. All personal belongings left unattended will be at the owner’s or its agent’s own risk.
  17. All sessions are not transferable and refundable unless otherwise stated and at the management’s discretion.
  18. All prices shall be either communicated to you by our staff or as seen on our price-list on our counter. We reserve the right to adjust our prices.
  19. If your dog has passed on during the course of its hydrotherapy or fun swim programs, we will refund the balance amount of your purchased package via cheque after the submission of a vet’s confirmation letter. Adminstrative charges will be waived.
  20. Any other refunds will be at the Centre’s discretion and a 10% administrative will be charged.
  21. We reserve the right not to accept any dogs that refuse handling.
  22. All fun swim and hydrotherapy sessions are conducted at a standard period of 30mins or at the therapist’s discretion.
  23. Each swim session is conducted according to the 30mins time period, not by slot time. Sharing of pool space by 2 dogs or more is allowable, only at the therapist’s discretion.
  24. We reserve the right to use any photographs or videos taken during the program.
  25. We have the right to refuse any services to any persons.
  26. Please arrive at least 10mins early before your scheduled swim appointment so your dog can start the swim on time.
  27. Due to high swim volume on the weekends, latecomers will be penalised on their dogs’ swim time so as not to cause unfairness and inconvenience to the next dog in line.
  28. The owner of the dog or its agents agrees to fully indemnify the Centre from any proceedings, actions, demands, claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, legal costs on an indemnity basis) sustained as a result of (a) the owner of the dog or its agent’s breach of any obligations under this Terms and Conditions; and/or (b) death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property (including caused or contributed by the negligence, act, default or omission of the owner of the dog/the dog handler or its agents.
  29. During the course of dealing with the Centre, the Centre will collect, use, disclose and process the dog’s owner(s) or handler’s personal data (“personal data”) for the purposes and in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In view of carrying out the terms of this agreement, the Centre may also disclose the personal data to third party service providers, agents and/or other third parties who would be processing these personal data either on the Centre’s behalf or otherwise for the stated purposes of this agreement. This Personal Data is collected for the administration of this agreement as well and marketing and promotional activities related to this agreement and will not be distributed to third parties without the dog owner’s or handler’s consent. By signing on the Centre’s application form, you are hereby consenting to the Centre in using your personal data in accordance with this Clause.

We really appreciate and thank you for your full understanding and cooperation on the above-mentioned T&C.
*Terms and conditions are not exhaustive and may subject to changes. Any changes will be notified.