Therapist Profile



Principal Canine Hydrotherapist

Lynn is an avid dog lover and they have been an integral part of her life. She has 6 dogs of her own; two golden retrievers and four adopted mongrels. She has gone as far as Taipei to rescue a stray back home. All her rescued strays come with all sorts of different physical and medical conditions. One of her golden retriever, Ralph who is 12 years of age, suffered from cancer a few years ago. With her constant tender loving care, unwavering faith and unlimited patience, all her dogs have recovered slowly and stealthily.

However as Ralph grows with age, arthritis starts to set in. As a firm believer of hydrotherapy, she truly believes the benefits of hydrotherapy and has witnessed first hand how it has not only helped him to regain his muscle strength, fitness and stamina, it has also alleviated his joint pain and helped with his weight loss. Now he no longer has to struggle to stand or suffer from joint pain in silence. He can get up much quicker and even do a short sprint when he wants to play.

Lynn is trained at the reputable Greyfrairs Veterinary Rehabilitation And Referral Centre in Surrey, UK in November 2012 and obtained her Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals.



Canine Hydrotherapist

When Sharon wanted to bring back her now 13-year old Pomeranian from South America many years ago, a friend asked her why not leave the dog behind and just retain happy memories of him as a young and healthy dog, instead of watching him grow old and weak one day. She totally disagreed with that as she believes that we owe our furry best friends the courage, commitment and love it takes to walk beside them not just in their best years, but also in their most difficult ones.

Thus Sharon knew that she had found her calling when she first worked in CWRC in 2014 and saw firsthand the benefits of hydrotherapy in improving the mobility, health and life of many beloved dogs. Now she happily juggles her time between CWRC and being "mum" to 4 audacious little Pomeranians back home.

While her original degree was in law, Sharon also has a Diploma in Veterinary Technology (with Merit). She has now also obtained her Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals from Greyfrairs Veterinary Rehabilitation And Referral Centre in Surrey, UK and, like Lynn, is currently pursuing Greyfrairs' Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small animals.



Assistant Canine Hydrotherapist

Diana started out at Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre without any experience working with dogs, but her love for animals has been unconditional ever since she was young. Having worked at CWRC for more than a year and counting, Diana has seen and handled dogs with all sorts of medical issues. After seeing the benefits of hydrotherapy first hand and seeing the furry kids recover with each swim session, Diana has become increasingly passionate about helping dogs get better.

Her love and passion for animals does not just cover dogs, but also all kinds of animals. Recently this year, she has given a forever home to two very special bunnies that have been born with splayed legs on all four. Being showered with lots of love and care, they are growing stronger each day and have never stopped fighting for life. Although she is currently studying a non-related diploma course in Temasek Polytechnic, her perseverance in becoming a well groomed hydrotherapist has never been any lesser.

Working at CWRC has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling to Diana, as she has learnt that one does not need magic in order to create miracles, and how one is able to make a difference in not only the dogs' lives but also in the owners' lives. Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre is where she finds such hope, miracles, and happiness.


Andy (On 2 years hiatus)

Assistant Canine Hydrotherapist

Andy is currently pursuing his Diploma in Veterinary Technology at Temasek Polytechnic. Fuelled by his passion for animals since young, Andy enjoys working with animals and has been working at canine wellness rehab centre for over 3 years and counting! He has been loyal to this industry because of his strong belief in using the natural approach instead of the prolonged use of drugs due to its side effects.

He believes that this industry chose him as much as he chose it because of his expressed interest in providing competent and compassionate care for the dogs. Seeing his efforts come through when the dogs who were once immobile, are now able to run and jump with joy and the smiles of the owner's face every time they talk about the amazing recovery of their fur kids, are what strengthens his desire to continue to help and improve the quality of their lives. He also sees CWRC as a place where he can learn and gain practical experiences to become a more sophisticated canine hydrotherapist.

Besides hydrotherapy work, he will devote his free time in nursing injured stray animals back to health. It brings him a immense sense of satisfaction as he is able to extend a helping hand to these injured animals which are usually ignored by the general public. To be able to further pursue his passion on animals' wellness and rehabilitation is what he will always look forward to.


Greyfriars is the leading veterinary practice in the UK for rehabilitation and hydrotherapy referrals. They are accredited by the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) as part of their CPD Partners Scheme, accredited to provided qualifications by ABC Awards and an approved training provider for NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists).