Daycare Daycare


Looking for a safe and reliable day care for your fur babies? We have launched our own day care centre to keep an eye on them while you are busy!

Let’s be honest, even the most loving, kind and caring dog parents get busy. That’s life. It is also true that our dogs spend 90% of their lives just waiting for us to be back home and shower them with love and attention.


Day care for dog relieves their boredom of being alone at home for extensive periods of time. In a day care setting, they are engaged in activities which will offer them with the healthy stimulation that they need in order to prevent the development of destructive behaviour such as excessive barking.

Day care dogs also get a chance to socialise with humans and other canines which is useful in instilling calmness in them. They also often use up all of their excessive energy and come back in a relaxed state of mind!


In short, day care allows dogs to be dogs while allowing you the flexibility to get on with life with ease and in a guilt-free fashion!